9. Information policy

All publications of VP Bank required by law are made in a legally binding manner in the official Liechtenstein publication media (Articles of Incorporation, Art. 25 section 1).

VP Bank informs shareholders and capital market participants in an open, comprehensive and timely manner. Its information policy is based on the principle of equal treatment of all capital market participants. VP Bank informs shareholders and capital market participants by means of detailed annual and semi-annual reports, which are prepared for VP Bank Group in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as well as via media releases concerning the latest changes and developments at VP Bank. As a company listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, VP Bank is also subject in particular to the obligation to immediately publicise any price-sensitive events (ad hoc publicity obligation).



Annual General Meeting: 28 April 2017

2017 semi-annual report: 22 August 2017

Investors and other interested parties can find additional information on the Bank as well as the Articles of Incorporation, OBR, and further publications at the website www.vpbank.com.



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