VP Bank’s stakeholders

One thing it takes to remain a successful banking group over the long term is an efficient, visionary management team. But it takes more than just that: VP Bank is committed to bearing in mind the expectations and needs of its stakeholders. Only in this way can VP Bank achieve sustainable success.

Engaging interest groups in a transparent and trustworthy manner is one of the fundamental principles of VP Bank Group. It is part of its corporate responsibility to stay in close contact with them and inform them about the performance and activities of VP Bank.

VP Bank views stakeholders as being all those organisations and people who lay claim to a financial, legal, commercial or other special interest in the company.

The core stakeholders in VP Bank can be broken down into six groups:

  • Clients
  • Board of Directors, Group Executive Management and Employees
  • Shareholders, investors and financial analysts
  • The media and the general public
  • Suppliers and business partners
  • Legislative and supervisory authorities

While the dialogue with these stakeholders is planned and conducted systematically, it can also take place spontaneously in a direct exchange of ideas and opinions. Each stakeholder group has its own particular expectations; for that reason, VP Bank makes every effort to know and understand the interests of all its stakeholders. To achieve this, VP Bank maintains an ongoing discourse with them and, whenever possible, incorporates the findings and insights into all of its activities and processes. Moreover, the dialogue helps VP Bank to identify emerging trends at an early stage as well as to intensify its social engagement.

This stakeholder dialogue takes various forms depending on the specific target groups, business fields and concrete issues – for example:

  • Client discussions
  • Cooperative interaction with schools, colleges and universities
  • Employee discussions
  • Internal events
  • Theme-based conferences
  • Financial industry trade fairs
  • Press conferences
  • Investor discussions
  • Federation work and presence in external interest groups
  • Industry-specific exchanges of best practice
  • PR work on investment, market and commercial themes



As a member of numerous federations and associations, VP Bank fosters a dialogue with business and society. The type of collaboration is multifaceted in reflection of the range of particular needs and objectives.

Depending on the given area, the dialogue is essentially insti­tutionalised (clients, media, investors) or takes place sporadic­ally. The relevant internal specialist departments and teams, for example Legal & Compliance, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Human Resources Management and IT, are responsible for maintaining this interaction.

These memberships pertain in part to important business and industry federations such as the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, the Liechtenstein Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Swiss Bankers Association. 

Other memberships, such as those in the International Center for Corporate Governance, the International Capital Market Association, the Occupational Health Managers Forum and the Swiss Investor Relations Association, are excellent venues for the transfer of know-how. 

Memberships in the Swiss Business Council for Sustainable Development (Öbu) and the Liechtenstein Society for Envir­onmental Protection serve as a means of sharing best practice in the area of sustainability.