VP Bank at a glance

VP Bank Group is an internationally active private bank focused on rendering asset management services for private individuals and financial intermediaries. 

VP Bank is one of the largest banks in the Liechtenstein financial centre. In addition to its headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein, VP Bank Group is present with offices in six other locations around the globe: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia and the British Virgin Islands.

The shares of VP Bank are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange. An «A–» rating from Standard & Poor’s vouches for the financial strength of this banking enterprise. A large proportion of its equity capital is in the hands of three anchor shareholders: “Stiftung Fürstl. Kommerzienrat Guido Feger” foundation, “U.M.M. Hilti-Stiftung” foundation and “Marxer Stiftung für Bank- und Unternehmenswerte” foundation – a guarantee for continuity, independence and sustainability. 

VP Bank’s workforce of about 800 employees admin­ister clients assets totalling almost CHF 42.0 billion. Its client advisors are supported by a global network of partner firms that contribute to the outstanding international know-how of VP Bank Group.


Tradition and quality for more than 60 years

Founded in 1956 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, VP Bank has grown steadily from a friendly local bank to become a globally active financial services enterprise. 

The founder of VP Bank, Guido Feger, was a successful entrepreneur and one of Liechtenstein’s most highly regarded fiduciaries. Right from the start, he demonstrated innovation, competence and courage, while never veering from the fundamental principles of client orientation and financial security. These tenets have been resolutely upheld for six decades.

To this very day, each and every employee of VP Bank Group lays claim to the ethos of quality. A number of international awards for the quality of the Bank’s client advice and ancillary services, as well as for its competence in transaction processing, attest to this pronounced quality consciousness.

In 1983, VP Bank became Liechtenstein’s first exchange-listed company, and ever since then it has been present in the international banking system via the euro money market. The philanthropic activities of VP Bank’s founder have been continued by its major shareholder, "Stiftung Fürstl. Kommerzienrat Guido Feger" foundation. 


Competencies and client advice

Tailor-made wealth planning, asset management and investment advice for a demanding private clientele represent VP Bank’s core competencies. The Bank is also an established partner for financial intermediaries who especially count on decades of experience and a modern infrastructure.

One of the strengths of VP Bank is its independence in terms of providing financial advice. The Bank’s investment solutions are based on the principle of “open architecture”, an approach that also takes into account the best-in-class products and services of third-party providers. The result: conflicts of interest are avoided right from the start. 

Together with its partners throughout the world, VP Bank recommends either the best traditional investment instruments to its clients or develops proprietary, innovative solutions. The global pres­- ence of VP Bank Group means that it can draw on a vast pool of expertise, so that country-specific ­circumstances can be taken into account when ­necessary. Thanks to this open architecture and best manager selection, clients can always rest assured that they have the most suitable investment instruments in their portfolio.

In addition, VP Bank’s e-banking application affords clients freedom of movement and maximum security when conducting banking transactions. They have round-the-clock electronic access to their securities and deposit accounts.

With more than 800 employees, VP Bank Group is the right size to offer top-notch solutions with a personal touch. Clients enjoy the individualised advice of a private bank while simultaneously gaining access to a worldwide network of specialists. And not least of all, the structured and transparent investment process ensures straightforward decisions, which benefit the client.