Leadership Journey

Support and inspiration by setting an example.

Our senior management executives convey our values and strategy to the business, making them important ambassadors for VP Bank.

Love to Empower – leadership as a motivating force

The day-to-day work of each individual employee is strongly influenced by the interaction they have with their supervisor. For VP Bank, it is especially important for its senior management executives to have a consistent understanding of leadership and be committed to encouraging employees in their career while also challenging them in equal measure. The aim of our leadership training is also to empower all senior managers to support VP Bank’s employees in their day-to-day work and as they face the constant flow of new challenges and inspire them to make the most of the opportunities on offer.

Their commitment, their support and their ability to create an inspiring environment is key to the success and future performance of both VP Bank and its employees. Senior management executives act as role models for employees in the way they think and act. By continually developing their own skills and abilities in training courses and being actively involved in training programmes, they can inspire their teams to do the same.

The training gives every senior manager the skills they need to ensure they are able to act as a role model. These skills include reflecting on their own approaches to management, using different management styles to suit the situation, implementing the values and leadership principles of VP Bank in practice and building trust with employees.

Laura ProhnA highlight of the training was the evaluation of my leadership style by my team, accompanied by my own self-assessment.

Laura Prohn

Head of Tax Services, Vaduz

“Taking part in leadership training at VP Bank was an important step forward for me in my professional development. A highlight of the training was the feedback I received from my team, along with my own self-assessment. This journey of self-reflection helped me see my strengths and weaknesses more clearly and take active steps to develop them.”

Siew SanIt's important for me to realise that gender doesn't matter in terms of being a good leader.

Siew San

Regional Head of Legal, Singapore

“I really benefited in the training from learning about the different management styles. The traditional top-down style is not the only way to be an effective manager, and actually, a transformational approach to leadership, where employees are valued and encouraged, could work better in the long run. It’s also important for me to know that gender is irrelevant when it comes to being a good manager.”

Trine GuldagerThe discussions during the training made it clear that leadership is an important motivational lever.

Trine Guldager

Chief Operating Officer / Member of the Executive Board, Luxembourg

“The training gave me the opportunity to find my own management style based on feedback from both my own team and the other senior managers. We are able to use our overall understanding of management styles and tools for our own further development across all locations, cultures and personalities. From discussions during the training sessions, it was clear that leadership is an important motivating force. It’s about the way we do it, because it’s about people.”