It is the people who write the history of VP Bank, and they have done so since it was founded in 1956. Over 1,000 employees provide an ­exceptional client experience in our home market of Liechtenstein and at our five international locations. 


Teamwork across cultures and national borders

The Liechtenstein word “zemma”, meaning “together”, is what our employees are committed to. Because you achieve more “zemma”. Worth highlighting here, in par­ticular, is the collegial networking and collaboration that takes place across the teams and locations. VP Bank is based on a culture in which everyone takes responsibility, offering its employees the freedom and latest techno­- logies to develop their ideas and thus carry on the bank’s innovative spirit. It’s a culture that everyone can benefit from – both employees and clients. 


Variety and diversity

Variety and diversity form an integral part of the corporate culture, which is reflected in a broad cultural diversity of employees and a high proportion of women for the industry (40.5 per cent). 1,085 employees from 47 different nations work at VP Bank. The average length of service is 7.6 years. 


Attractive employment conditions

Those working at VP Bank benefit from a modern working environment, attractive employment conditions, remuner­ation in line with market conditions and flexible working time models. Over and above this, the bank supports its employees in a variety of ways, be it with balancing work and home life, preparing for retirement or providing op­portunities for sabbaticals and coaching. In a world that is rapidly changing, VP Bank also invests in the continuous development and thus the employability of its employees by offering a diverse range of internal and external training opportunities.


Young talent

VP Bank offers young people extensive training. Each year, it hosts up to seven commercial and IT trainees at its locations in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Highly trained instructors complement the trade schools and pass on their industry knowledge, thereby ensuring that trainees can apply their knowledge in practice and learn about the broadest range of work and operating areas. These efforts lay the foundation for future career moves following the training period. A significant number of the trainees remain in the business and make the most of the opportunity to develop themselves further at VP Bank. With development programmes for students and university graduates, the bank offers young talent a wide range of opportunities to enter the financial industry.



Receiving a number of different awards is confirmation that investing in employees is a worthwhile thing to do. In 2023, VP Bank in Singapore received three prestigious awards in Human Resources. They included the Excellence Award with a silver award in Talent Management and two silver awards in Talent Management and Employee Experience & Wellbeing, which are awarded by the Singapore Human Resources Institute.