Seize opportunities
with partnerships.

Seize opportunities
with partnerships.

We are convinced that Strategy 2026 is the right way forward, even in a changed market environment.

Partnership technology: Swisscom

The IT infrastructure of VP Bank and the technical operation of its systems have been turned over to Swisscom. This enables the Bank to focus on its core competencies and to consolidate and further expand its sound market position.

Partnership innovation: InvestCloud

InvestCloud's investment consulting module enables VP Bank to flexibly expand its offerings with new services from complementary third-party providers.

Partnership knowledge: University of Liechtenstein

The exchange with the University of Liechtenstein takes place in a wide variety of specialist areas. The field of sustainable finance plays a special role.

Partnership client solution: Inventage

VP Bank has been working with the Swiss tech company Inventage for 20 years on the development of digital client solutions and a jointly developed client portal.

Partnership distribution: Hywin Wealth

Asia offers exciting growth opportunities. With Hywin Wealth as a recognised Chinese financial services provider, VP Bank can successfully advance its Asia strategy.

Partnership research: Adviscent

With the Research Portal, VP Bank prepares market commentaries and financial analyses for its clients. To this end, it works with the Zurich-based software developer Adviscent.

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Total Assets / in CHF

0012.6 bn.

Total Operating Income / in CHF

336.4 mn.

Client Assets / in CHF

52.3 bn.

Total Shareholders' Equity / in CHF

1102.1 mn.

Net Income / in CHF

40.2 mn.

Cost/Income Ratio

86.6 %

2022 in review

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