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Review of 2023(1.68 MB)
Statement by the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officerpdf(220 KB)
Financial year in figurespdf(375 KB)
Sharespdf(307 KB)
Important eventspdf(302 KB)
New offeringspdf(365 KB)
Strategic progresspdf(113 KB)
VP Bank at a glance(2.82 MB)
Valuespdf(267 KB)
Capital structurepdf(354 KB)
Locationspdf(672 KB)
Group Executive Managementpdf(236 KB)
Employeespdf(554 KB)
Client philosophypdf(209 KB)
Products and servicespdf(86 KB)
Innovation managementpdf(443 KB)
Strategy and Goals(3.15 MB)
Trends in the financial industrypdf(90 KB)
Strategy 2026pdf(1.63 MB)
People Strategypdf(227 KB)
Brand strategypdf(953 KB)
Sustainability strategypdf(255 KB)
Corporate governance and compensation report(1.34 MB)
Corporate Governancepdf(869 KB)
Compensation reportpdf(472 KB)
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Financial report Group(2.11 MB)
Consolidated annual report of VP Bank Grouppdf(137 KB)
Consolidated income statementpdf(60 KB)
Consolidated statement of comprehensive incomepdf(58 KB)
Consolidated balance sheetpdf(64 KB)
Consolidated changes in shareholders’ equitypdf(51 KB)
Consolidated statement of cash flowpdf(90 KB)
Principles underlying financial statement reporting and notespdf(162 KB)
Risk management of VP Bank Grouppdf(565 KB)
Segment reportingpdf(89 KB)
Notes on the consolidated financial statementpdf(572 KB)
Auditor’s reportpdf(273 KB)
Financial report VP Bank(1.01 MB)
Annual report of VP Bank Ltd, Vaduzpdf(135 KB)
Balance sheetpdf(80 KB)
Income statementpdf(73 KB)
Appropriation of profitpdf(66 KB)
Information regarding business activities and headcountpdf(77 KB)
Principles of accounting and valuation, disclosures on riskmanagementpdf(99 KB)
Notes on balance sheet and income statementpdf(199 KB)
Auditor’s reportpdf(282 KB)

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