Client philosophy

The success of VP Bank is closely linked to the success of its clients. As such, long-term client relationships and catering to individual client requirements lie at the heart of our everyday actions.


Assets and wealth management are a personal affair. During times of diversity and interchangeability, sound advice and trust are of the utmost importance. VP Bank therefore places great value on personal, long-term client relationships. By continuously expanding its digital services, VP Bank is responding to the changing needs of clients with regard to the degree of digitisation of banking services.


Focus on client needs

Tailor-made solutions and client-focused product development are not empty buzzwords for VP Bank; they reflect the fact that clients’ needs are the core focus of its everyday actions. Thanks to its Open Wealth-ready IT and service architecture, VP Bank is able to quickly and efficiently adapt its offerings to rapidly evolving client needs. However, the constantly evolving banking business also calls for an understanding of clients’ needs in holistic terms so that they can be catered to quickly with an optimised range of products and services. 

Clients are closely involved in the product development process based on long-term partnerships rooted in trust. This means that their needs are taken into account at the early stages of product development and are incorporated into products and services accordingly. For instance, in 2023, digital client onboarding was intentionally launched together with intermediaries so their valuable feedback could be channelled into the development process. VP Bank also incorporates feedback from intermediaries into the development of the VP Bank client portal.


The client’s opinion counts

Individual advice and personal client relationship management are priorities for VP Bank. As a result, client satis­faction is measured group-wide at regular intervals and appropriate measures are devised in response. The last survey by an independent institution was carried out in 2019. Whereas intermediary clients are most satisfied with VP Bank’s digital range, direct clients are particularly appreciative of advisors’ reliability, the speed at which concerns are addressed and their relationship of trust with advisors. The next client survey by an independent institution will be carried out in 2024.

Aside from the large-scale surveys conducted group-wide, VP Bank also engages in active client feedback management on an ongoing basis. The feedback relating to services and advisory quality that is received and analysed as part of this process is used to constantly optimise products and services.