Promotion of talents

Promoting talents guarantees us success.

“My best investment is loyalty to my band, my team and my partners,” says Swiss musician jan SEVEN dettwyler in Telescope, VP Bank’s investment magazine (12/2023). That is the ultimate sign of appreciation. What makes this so worthwhile?

Discovering, inspiring and promoting talents

It is no secret that showing appreciation leads to loyalty, long-term partnerships and shared successes. Just as in the music industry, the same holds true in the financial world. Retaining and promoting employees are decisive aspects for ensuring long-term success in every sector and in every enterprise. That is the impetus behind Excite Talents and Grow for the Future, two important pillars of VP Bank’s People Strategy. The aim: discovering, inspiring and promoting talents.

Everyone has specific abilities and skills – in other words, talents. Employee’s talents begin to emerge as early as the trainee stage, and they continuously evolve over the course of a career with gained experience. Discovering, inspiring and promoting talents is a continual process both with career starters and with specialists, as well as with managers.

Chantal BüchiThe best investment is in the development of our employees.

Chantal Büchi

Head of Group Human Resources

“Promoting talents is a continuous process that extends across an employee’s entire career, and it pays off for us in the long run. It involves more than simply fostering existing skills. It also means giving employees room for personal growth in order to identify talents that had previously been hidden. VP Bank sets great store by holistic talent development, and it creates an environment that enables employees to cultivate their abilities.”