Information regarding business activities and headcount

VP Bank Ltd, which has its registered office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, was established in 1956 and is one of the three largest banks in Liechtenstein. Today, VP Bank Group owns subsidiary companies in Zurich, Luxembourg, the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong, a branch in Singapore and a representative office in Hong Kong. Adjusted to reflect full-time equivalents, at year-end 2023 VP Bank Ltd had 681.1 individuals under its employment (previous year: 645.3).

Wealth management and investment consulting services of VP Bank Ltd for private and institutional investors, as well as lending, constitute its core activities.


Commission business and services

In addition to general banking operations, commission and service-related business encompasses wealth management services for private clients, financial intermediaries and institutional clients, as well as investment consulting, safekeeping and fiduciary transactions. VP Bank Ltd earns a significant portion of its total commission income from transactions in securities on behalf of clients.


Lending business

The lending business of VP Bank Ltd is primarily geared to providing financing of residential properties for private clients, as well as wealth management and investment advisory services for private clients. The bank also grants commercial loans to commercial clients.


Money market and interbank activities

To the extent that they are not used for the bank’s lending operations, client funds are invested with first-rate banks.


Trading activities

Clients are afforded a full range of execution and settlement services for all customary types of trading activities. A significant portion of the trading activities is related to foreign exchange dealings on behalf of private clients.

For liquidity-management and investment purposes, VP Bank Ltd maintains a portfolio of fixed-interest security and equity positions.