Young Talent

Strategic investment in our future.

For VP Bank, the recruitment and development of trainees, student apprentices and graduates is an important component of its People Strategy. As part of the People Strategy, “Excite Talents” focuses on young, talented individuals, among others.

Young talent – a strategic investment in the future

At VP Bank, young talent are allowed to actively shape their training and manage various projects themselves. In this way, they learn at a young age to think for ­themselves, contribute their own ideas and see the impact their contributions have. As a result, entry-level employees develop into self-starters at an early stage and go on to achieve great things. Independence, determination and a focus on achieving your goals are the development priorities for young talent. That is what VP Bank is all about.

VP Bank is committed to the professional promotion of young talent as a strategic investment in the future of the business. There are several reasons for this. VP Bank ensures that it will continue to have competent, qualified employees in the future through the targeted development of young talent. In addition, young talent bring fresh perspectives, creativity and innovative ideas. Supervisors can also pass on their experience to the young adults and grow themselves in the process.

The promotion of young talent enables VP Bank to share and pass on its values and culture across generations. And last but not least, with its training programmes for trainees and graduates, VP Bank promotes potential young talent in a targeted manner, thereby fostering growth from within.

Carmen KlinglerThe programme has allowed me to build an optimal foundation for my professional career.

Carmen Klingler

Trainee / commercial apprenticeship

“I started my three-year banking apprenticeship at VP Bank Ltd in August 2021. Above all, the pleasant atmosphere among the employees helped me to quickly feel at home at the bank. So far I have been able to visit five departments at VP Bank and consequently broaden my experience. The banking apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge that I had acquired at school and on various banking courses, thus providing me with the ideal foundation for my career. After my apprenticeship, I would like to get a permanent position at VP Bank and at the same time finish my vocational baccalaureate so that I can go to university later. I feel very lucky to have had such a great time here so far and look forward to everything the future has in store for me.”

Sina HoopThe training at VP Bank helped me to identify my interests in the area of corporate and credit clients.

Sina Hoop

Assistant Corporate Clients and Loans Commercial Banking at VP Bank

“I completed my commercial apprenticeship in summer 2023. The training programme lasted three years, during which I spent either one or two days a week at school and the remaining days working at VP Bank, allowing me to put theory into practice. During those three years, I was able to rotate through two departments each year, giving me the opportunity to get to know different areas of VP Bank. The training at VP Bank helped me to identify and develop my ­interests in the area of corporate and credit clients and to prepare myself for a career in this area.”

Roger SignerAs a graduate in product management at VP Bank, I am experiencing an outstanding career start.

Roger Signer

Junior Product Manager at VP Bank / graduate programme

“I am having an excellent start to my career as a product management graduate at VP Bank. The graduate programme not only offers me the opportunity to grow personally and gain a foothold in the professional world but above all promotes my individual skills. This allows me to grow professionally. It gives me the oppor­tunity to develop my skills and contribute creative ideas. This balance between professional development and personal growth opportunities makes the programme particularly valuable for me.”