Brand strategy

Anyone who closely scrutinises the logo of VP Bank will notice that the prominent symbol in the bank’s logo is not a geometrically perfect circle. This “unround” circle embodies the bank’s philosophy, symbol­ising the focus on bespoke, tailor-made, client-focused solutions. 


The future belongs to those who move onwards towards their goals. All that matters to VP Bank is helping its clients get ahead and working with them to seize the opportunities that present themselves in the capital markets. VP Bank’s DNA and expertise stem from its business with professional financial service providers, the intermediaries, and VP Bank also puts this knowledge at the disposal of private clients. Whether taking small steps or great strides, it creates innovative, tailor-made solutions in keeping with the latest trends – acting with clarity and certainty. For many years now it has been creating unique brand experiences time after time.


Seven core brand messages

Seven core brand messages reflect the brand strategy and depict VP Bank’s value proposition. For additional information, please visit our website at


Brand structure and protection

VP Bank pursues an enhanced single-brand strategy. Wherever possible, it operates under the name VP Bank. Units that, for legal reasons, are not allowed to operate under the “VP Bank” logo use a separate logo with the “VP” ligature.


VP Bank’s brand strategy can thus be broken down into two levels:


VP Bank considers its brand to be one of its most valuable assets. This means that professional protection and effective defence are extremely important. Relevant tasks under trademark law include the development of protection ­strategies, availability checks, trademark applications and renewals, brand monitoring, brand assessments, enforcement of trademark rights and well-conceived domain management.

VP Bank works in partnership with leading trademark lawyers to ensure its brands are protected and monitored in target markets, opportunity markets and other markets, either directly or under the Madrid system.


Constant development of the brand design

The brand design can be summed up in a single word: “clarity”. The overall identity is modern and clear. Embodied in both digital and analogue form, it also conveys clarity, simplicity and a focus on the essential. A brand evolves with the needs of clients as well as strategic requirements. VP Bank is therefore committed to constantly reviewing and developing the brand. The bank’s brand development work is thus carried out according to its own “stay-fresh approach” under which the brand is constantly reinvigorated in small, incremental steps and adjusted in line with the prevailing corporate strategy.


New developments in 2023

In order to enhance efficiency in the areas of marketing and client experience and better exploit synergies, at the start of 2023, employees with client experience tasks were transferred for organisational purposes from Sales Management to the newly formed Group Marketing & Client Experience unit. 

VP Bank has overhauled the client feedback management process in the area of client experience. All feedback is now systematically dealt with in real time and any optimi­sation measures implemented are monitored. In addition, preliminary work has been carried out on a client satis­faction survey to be conducted in 2024. This survey will also address issues relating to brand expectations and client needs.

The VP Bank design system was implemented in 2023, ensuring a holistic overview of all digital touchpoints and applications. The next stage of expansion will involve linking the worlds of design and coding. Work on this has already started and will be taken further in 2024. 

The metaverse is an exciting virtual space in which the boundaries between the digital world and the real world become blurred. Since October 2023, VP Bank has been offering an innovative metaverse platform on which interested parties can experience tokenised assets virtually. Digital assets can be explored inter­- actively at

As part of the further development of VP Bank’s social intranet, an internal shop featuring state-of-the-art ­technology and a cutting-edge user experience has been launched. Visitors to the shop can order client gifts and office material.

A number of user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design projects have been successfully developed – ­ including an internal data analytics tool, which allocates appropriate investment proposals to the right clients in an extremely transparent and intuitive manner.

At the end of 2023, a new social media employee advo­- cacy programme was launched. Content is also shared via the personal social media profiles of selected employees, alongside corporate channels. This means that a significantly broader reach can be achieved.

Various multichannel campaigns were conducted throughout 2023 on the issues of money market deposits, thematic funds, portfolio optimisation, digital onboarding, financial education, the next generation offer “VP Bank Nova” and new client acquisition in the intermediaries segment.

In 2023, a stronger focus was placed on data-driven marketing approaches in relation to the management of digital campaigns. Digital campaigns relating to the “VP Bank Nova” product launch and various events were carried out, alongside the creation of specific landing pages to enable improved performance analysis. Plans are also in place to roll out enhanced conversion tracking for search engine campaigns in 2024.

With the development of a new group-wide elevator pitch, VP Bank now has a tool that can be used by client advisor units in order to gain new clients.

VP Bank has made new commitments in the sponsorship and events sector and held more than 130 events. The most innovative project is VP Bank Session. In November 2023, the first studio session was held with Swiss artist jan SEVEN dettwyler. Both the music and the emotions of the 100 guests were recorded live and immortalised on an original vinyl master. By tokenising this unique vinyl record, VP Bank has made it possible to invest in emotional assets. This special connection between music, emotion and financial participation sets the project apart.



VP Bank supports the principle of corporate commitment. Numerous social and cultural initiatives and projects have benefited from this commitment over many years. In addition, VP Bank is helping to develop and secure the status of both Liechtenstein and the regions in which it is represented as a business and industrial hub.

VP Bank supports selected sponsorship projects in the fields of sport, culture and the culinary arts. These projects are unique – and indeed are just as unique as client experiences. The bank draws on these projects as a source of inspiration, whilst also offering a platform for young talented persons.