5. Compensation, participations and loans

5.1 Content and process to determine compensation and equity-participation programmes

The details and procedures to determine compensation and of the equity-participation programmes of the Board of Directors and Executive Board are described in the Remuneration Report (➔ page 84 ff.)


5.2 Transparency of compensation, shareholdings and loans from foreign-domiciled issuers

As a SIX Swiss Exchange-listed issuer domiciled outside Switzerland, VP Bank discloses information on compensation, shareholdings and loans as provided for in Article 5.3 of the Appendix to the Corporate Governance Directive dated 20 March 2018, i.e. by analogy to Art. 14–16 OAEC. The details in this regard can be found in the Financial Report, individual company accounts of VP Bank Ltd, Vaduz (➔ page 178 f.).