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The VP Bank Group(3 MB)
State­ment by the Chair­man of the Board and the Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Of­fi­cerpdf(888 KB)
VP Bank at a glancepdf(284 KB)
2019 in reviewpdf(173 KB)
Key figures of VP Bank Grouppdf(189 KB)
Organisational structurepdf(1 MB)
Economic environmentpdf(66 KB)
VP Bank in capital marketspdf(278 KB)
Corporate strategy(1 MB)
Strategic orientationpdf(972 KB)
Strategic partnershipspdf(96 KB)
Sustainability(3 MB)
Sustainability managementpdf(79 KB)
CSR Reportingpdf(179 KB)
Stakeholderspdf(125 KB)
Client advisorypdf(190 KB)
Employeespdf(721 KB)
Responsibility as an employerpdf(97 KB)
Supplierspdf(103 KB)
Sustainability in the investment processpdf(135 KB)
Social engagementpdf(70 KB)
Business ecologypdf(833 KB)
Legislation and Supervisory Authoritiespdf(120 KB)
Corporate governance and compensation report(2 MB)
Corporate governancepdf(1 MB)
Compensation reportpdf(762 KB)
Segments(308 KB)
Segment reportingpdf(103 KB)
Client Business Liechtensteinpdf(68 KB)
Client Business Internationalpdf(70 KB)
Corporate Centerpdf(68 KB)
Financial reportAlle auswählenSelect all
Financial report 2019 of VP Bank Group(2 MB)
Consolidated annual report of VP Bank Grouppdf(262 KB)
Consolidated income statementpdf(63 KB)
Consolidated statement of comprehensive incomepdf(60 KB)
Consolidated balance sheetpdf(61 KB)
Consolidated changes in shareholders’ equitypdf(55 KB)
Consolidated statement of cash flowpdf(89 KB)
Principles underlying financial-statement reporting and notespdf(207 KB)
Risk management of VP Bank Grouppdf(535 KB)
Segment reportingpdf(84 KB)
Notes to the consolidated financial statementpdf(568 KB)
Report of statutory auditorpdf(353 KB)
Financial report 2019 of VP Bank Ltd, Vaduz(1 MB)
Annual report of VP Bank Ltd, Vaduzpdf(94 KB)
Balance sheetpdf(92 KB)
Income statementpdf(88 KB)
Information regarding ­business activities and number of employees Art. 24e Par. 1 Point 1 FL-BankOpdf(63 KB)
Principles of accounting and valuation, disclosures on risk management Art. 24e Par. 1 Point 2 FL-BankOpdf(87 KB)
Notes regarding balance sheet and income statementpdf(750 KB)
Report of the statutory auditorpdf(279 KB)

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