Sustainability in the investment process

Sustainability has traditionally been of great importance to VP Bank and is enjoying increasing popularity within the investment community. VP Bank is aware of its responsibility toward ­society, the environment, its clients and shareholders and actively addresses the issue.

For a good three years now, VP Bank has been offering a dedicated investment solution in the area of sustainability that can be individually tailored to the client’s needs. The selection of investments is carried out in a manner analogous to the ESG approach based on ecological, social and economic factors.


Clearly defined responsibilities

At VP Bank, the CSR Board is responsible for sustainability issues. These issues include such topics as the business ecology, social responsibility and investment solutions. The CSR Board is chaired by the Chief Investment Officer as a member of Group Executive Management.

The orientation of VP Bank Group in terms of sustainable investments and products is managed as follows within the CSR Board:

Definition of the sustainability philosophy in the investment process 

Selection and retention of external partners

Certification of the offer or investment process

Quality assurance


Sustainable selection process

VP Bank has started to systematically integrate sustain­ability criteria into the investment processes and will ­con­sistently take this into account in the investment and advisory process in the current year. Among other things, this means that the investment universe will be examined and classified according to sustainability criteria. The focus will not only be on exclusion criteria, but also on identifying investment opportunities that actively make a positive contribution.

The offer of sustainable investment solutions will be further expanded in the years ahead.