Annual report


Total assets (in CHF)

12.8 bn.

Total operating income (in CHF)

300.1 mn.

Client assets under management (in CHF)

40.4 bn.

Total shareholders‘ equity (in CHF)

994.2 mn.

Net income (in CHF)

65.8 mn.

Cost/income ratio

64.2 %

We continue to grow success­fully.

Alfred W. Moeckli, Chief Executive Officer of VP Bank Group, is pleased about the impressive annual result for 2017.

These successes will provide VP Bank with fresh momentum for 2018.


With its numerous challenges, digitisation has helped us create a new, moving design concept for VP Bank. We have named it “Clarity” – we express our excellence in a fresh, modern and unique way. Here we reduce ourselves to a clear statement that is immediately understandable. The elegant and distinct design vocabulary conveys our sovereignty and exudes calm – with a precision and concision that characterises our work as consultants and administrators.