Trust is not simply given.
It grows.

Trust comes about through positive, open contact. Trust grows as a relationship develops and deepens over many years. For me it's important to know not just the clients but also their circumstances. That way I gain a better understanding of their needs and can create the foundations for a lasting relationship of trust. Which takes time. Time I am happy to invest, because that's the only way shared experiences become the expression of mutual appreciation.

Tobias Wehrli
Head of Intermediaries

Trust is a big factor for clients. Which makes it all the more vital to cultivate a strong personal understanding and an individual rapport that forms the springboard for co-operation built on trust. This means our advisory process is not just a question of know-how, but more a matter of engagement. Managing assets or developing investment strategies requires a different approach from one client to the next. Every case calls for particular attention. For which I take however much time is needed.

Carmen Troisio
Client Advisor Private Banking Liechtenstein & Switzerland


It's only perfect
if it's perfect for you.

For me it’s important to work together with the client in pursuit of success. To do this I must not only know the wishes and goals of my partner, but also be certain of my own expertise and opportunities. Meeting as equals means showing not only mutual respect but also a willingness to engage with each other. For me the crucial thing is to be close to the client and fully aware of his or her needs. That’s the only way I can offer exactly the right solutions.

Daniel Augsburger
Head of Client Advisory Funds

It’s often the little things that make all the difference, telling us what our clients value above all else. By listening to them attentively I learn what motivates my clients, what will preoccupy them both today and tomorrow. By taking a keen interest in their current concerns and their often still vague investment plans, I am able to come up with exactly the right bespoke solution for each client. For me, it's the details that count.

Isabella Heeb
Client Advisor


Reaching one horizon
means opening up another.

Digitisation, expansion of on-line offerings and modernisation of communication channels – these are now irreversible trends. We aim to take advantage of all these technological advances, new developments and restructuring processes to expand the service and client experience that VP Bank offers in the future. Changes are coming rapidly, in the global finance sector as elsewhere. The best way to discover new horizons is to know what you want, where you are heading and where you belong. I am happy to accompany our clients on this journey.

Katharina Hinteregger
Junior Consultant

A fruitful, sustainable portfolio strategy is always partly the result of a bold search for innovative solutions. By analysing the financial markets based on our experience and customising our selection of investment instruments to the individual, we open up promising opportunities for our clients. At VP Bank, considering the unusual does not mean dispensing with stability.

Bernd Hartmann
Head of Group Investment Research


You don't need
a lot of experts.
Just the right ones.

Helping clients to streamline their financial situation conveniently and for optimum effect, and advising them on their long-term strategies just as competently and sustainably as we do on matters requiring a dynamic, short-term response: that requires not just expertise but also plenty of shrewd instinct. VP Bank's flat hierarchies and highly qualified personnel generate a team spirit which enables us to attend to the client's wishes in a flexible and yet also carefully targeted manner.

Volker Zaworka
Senior Investment Advisor

The rapid pace of technological change calls for change in the way we think and act. As a team we are always developing new instruments and processes to help us meet the challenges posed by the markets and our clients. But, for all our dynamism and flexibility, a steady, personal dialogue with the client is still one of the keys to shared success, step by step over the long term.

Aurelia Schmitt-Marxer
Head of Classic & Special Mandates


To grasp the future
you need to see the bigger picture.

As advisors who think and act responsibly we must not only observe economic, geopolitical and social developments but also analyse them thoroughly. In this we can rely on an in-house communication culture which provides the client with maximum advisory competence while also ensuring the long-term sustainability and dependability of our solutions. Giving our clients the confidence to reach for the stars every now and then.

Daniela Walser
Senior Client Advisor Intermediaries


Competence is our global
language. Always with a local accent.

Our in-depth knowledge of the relevant local conditions, meetings with clients in person, international business trips to broaden our own horizons – all of these shape and deepen our understanding of our clients' needs. Not for nothing has "Swiss banking" become a by-word for solidity and service quality, cornerstones of our stable legal and economic environment here in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

René Flammer
Head of Private Banking Central & Eastern Europe VP Bank (Switzerland) Ltd

As a small but internationally active bank we offer our clients a full range of global perspectives combined with relevant local expertise. This enables us to take a highly individualised approach to the concerns of our clients. Our ability to speak the same language as you, to be globally active and yet offer you highly personalised service - that is what makes us different. We are a global player that is perfectly at home wherever the client's heart is.

Catherine Rey
Head of Client Advisory Private Banking Asia
VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA


The only thing that's better
is what still lies ahead.

To live means to change. And change means pushing ahead to realise wishes and achieve objectives, searching for unusual solutions – and staying curious. For us this attitude is crucial, not only in our work within the team but also in our contacts with our clients. In the rapidly evolving world of finance we will be an experienced, dynamic partner on whom you can rely. We see your needs and goals as our challenges. Which continually strengthens our resolve to forge ahead with you, sometimes even into uncharted waters.

Dolores Hoop
Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

To shape financial transactions of the highest quality in terms of service, products and solutions – and to do so every day – is not just our bank's motto, but also my own personal ambition. I see communication with the client as especially important. To build a steady relationship of trust through proactive, personal contact. In this way, success becomes a shared experience. Motivating us and making us curious about further goals we can achieve together.

Andreas Meier
Client Advisor