À la carte

In our 2019 semi-annual report we present our
six locations and explore the links between
their strengths and particularities
and the world of cooking.

Relaxed at heart,
passionate about what
we do.

VP Bank in Liechtenstein

Expectations are there
to be exceeded.

VP Bank in Switzerland

Creativity shared
is creativity doubled.

VP Bank in Luxembourg

International standards,
locally refined.

VP Bank in Singapore

People who love tradition
like to give it fresh impetus.

VP Bank in Hong Kong

Cultural riches -
exactly to your taste.

VP Bank in the British Virgin Islands

Total assets (in CHF)

13.1 bn.

Total operating income (in CHF)

162.7 mn.

Client assets (in CHF)

51.7 bn.

Total shareholders' equity (in CHF)

985.1 mn.

Net income (in CHF)

35.3 mn.

Cost/income Ratio

68.6 %

VP Bank Group has shown a strong half-year

Fredy Vogt
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Download the whole 2019
semi-annual report as PDF.