Expectations are there
to be exceeded.

VP Bank in Switzerland

Within the Swiss banking sector, our name is synonymous with accessible and collaborative service. By thinking beyond the status quo, time and again we succeed in surprising our clients with new ideas. Through his culinary creativity, GaultMilau chef Silvio Germann also broadens the horizons of his guests at the IGNIV by Andreas Caminada restaurant, exceeding even the highest of expectations with his gastronomic artistry.

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Our aim is to give our guests a unique overall experience.
We take pleasure in delighting and surprising them whenever we can by sharing our creations with them.

Silvio Germann
Restaurant IGNIV by Andreas Caminada, Bad Ragaz

Five questions for Silvio Germann

At IGNIV it's all about sharing. How complex is the menu planning for this kind of approach?

Silvio Germann: For me and my team, the planning is not really that complex. For more than three years now everything we do has been based on this approach, so it's already firmly embedded in our DNA. Because the different various components of our sharing menu can be varied and combined individually and seasonally, our signature dishes can be modified and adjusted as required to suit the diner's preferences. All pretty simple, really.

You offer your guests unique experiences. How important is it for you to get to know your guests?

Silvio Germann: The more we know our guests, the better able we are to identify their preferences and respond to them when they return to the IGNIV restaurant – without always serving them the same dishes each time. Since our launch in December 2015 we have been fortunate to attract very many regular guests, and this gives us the chance to explore their preferences. But even when people come to the restaurant for the first time, our aim is to serve them a meal that is shaped to suit their own taste. We set great store by conversing with our guests to get to know them and find out what they like: we engage intensively with our guests from the initial welcome right through until they leave.

How would you define good taste in a kitchen?

Silvio Germann: Taste is a very subjective thing. So the rule is: if you like it, it's allowed. There are so many ways of reinterpreting classic components and experimenting with new approaches, so there is no single definition of good taste.

What is the most unusual creation you have ever put together in the kitchen?

Silvio Germann: For me, a meal doesn't have to be unusual. I take the view that the food itself should always be centre stage and that the ingredients – whether animal or vegetable – should be shown proper respect. I might sometimes change the texture, but I don't go in for extravagant creations, which can be too much for many guests.

If you were a spice or a herb, which one would it be and why?

Silvio Germann: Definitely, curry. I'm a mix of the best ingredients, blended with influences from various regions and inspiring individuals.