Annual report of VP Bank Ltd, Vaduz

The annual report of VP Bank Ltd is largely evident from the consolidated annual report of VP Bank Group.

As of the balance-sheet date, VP Bank Ltd, Vaduz, and its subsidiaries held in total 530,171 registered shares A and 344,369 registered shares B (previous year: 598,065 registered shares A and 327,419 registered shares B). This equates to a capital share of approximately 8.5 per cent (previous year: 9.5 per cent). In addition, reference is made to the notes to the relevant annual financial statements regarding the number of and changes in treasury shares in the parent company.

In keeping with the spirit of the Group’s long-term dividend policy, the Board of Directors will propose a dividend of CHF 4.00 per registered share A and CHF 0.40 per registered share B (previous year: CHF 5.50 per registered share A and CHF 0.55 per registered share B) at the annual general meeting of shareholders to be held on 30 April 2021.