VP Bank simplifies access
to exclusive private market

The demand for alternative invest­ments has highly increased. In particular, private market opportunities are highly sought after and have experienced an upsurge in popularity amongst investors. In addition to the momentum of the continuously low-interest-rate environment and reduced returns or profitability of traditional investment themes, more and more investors are recognising the opportunities in private markets.

Dr. Céline Chi Hae Wong, Head of Philanthropy & Impact, Client Solutions, shares some thoughts on how VP Bank supports its clients to gain access to those sought-after private markets. Furthermore, she shares insights on the methodology of the new division of Client Solutions and its mission to innovate access to lucrative and alternative private markets.

What is the methodology of VP Bank to give clients access to lucrative alternative investments?

The finance industry is currently going through a profound change and it is clear that the bank of the future will certainly be a different bank compared to today. New client re­quirements, digitalisation and continuously innovative business models from fintechs are un­questionably contributing to the change of conventional banking. It is clear that we need a future-proof banking system that is innovative and also flexible enough to accommodate additional product offerings. Alongside the 2026 Strategy, VP Bank has set the corner­stone to secure a solid, future-proof strategy that will help to steer the bank for the future. “Seizing Opportunities” sets the mission for how we are pursuing the goal in developing from the status quo to a modern financial services provider and positioning ourselves as a wealth-management service provider. A centrepiece is Client Solutions that has been created as a new strategic business division. This new business unit has set itself the purpose to provide VP Bank clients with simplified access to new investment opportunities.

How is the new Client Solutions division structured and what offers and services are planned?

Building on the VP Bank core expertise and knowledge, we already have an excellent foundation that allows us to expand our capabilities and aim for new innovative heights. With those new offerings and services in place, an additional aim is to serve our existing client segments such as intermediaries, private investors, family offices, external asset managers and trustees better.

We are building a modular,
open investment platform

that provides convenient access
to a wide range of attractive
investment solutions.

As a central point of contact, Client Solutions is building a modular and open-access invest­ment platform that will provide an accessible ecosystem for a broad range of partners and clients of VP Bank. This innovative platform is a comprehensive consolidation of market information, invest­ment opportunities and an overview of unique asset management services. Furthermore, it provides convenient access to a broad range of attractive investment solutions that were previously discreetly tucked away from the common international stock markets.

How can our clients benefit from the new product and what makes private market investments so attractive?

Today we solely cover a fraction of investments in the entire universe of asset allocation across all investment themes. Presently, the focus has been set on our fund products and services for liquid assets that are publicly accessible trades such as classic equity and bond markets.

Client Solutions’ aim is to specifically move the focus to new, fast-growing investment segments within the private markets such as illiquid assets and impact investments.

A fundamental purpose is that private market investments provide an attractive risk/reward profile. For investors who do not purely rely on the stock market and are comfortable with an additional calculated risk, they will be rewarded with highly attractive profitable returns.

A fundamental purpose is
that private market investments
provide an attractive risk/
reward profile

The reason behind it is that alternative investments have the tendency to gain higher returns in comparison to conventional and traditional investments such as shares, bonds and investment funds. Therefore, in light of the ongoing and foresee­able low-interest-rate circum­stances, it will continue to be an attractive alter­native or an additional opportunity to investors. In addition, private market invest­ments have demonstrated a stable return pattern and low pricing fluctua­tions.

With our purpose to serve our clients best, the new set-up of Client Solutions is expanding and revolutionising the existing offering of fund management and investment products.

Dr. Céline Chi Hae Wong

Dr. Céline Chi Hae Wong

Head of Philanthropy &

Appointed amongst the 100 Women in Fintech in Singa­pore, and following a career in Digital Strategy at UBS, Dr Céline Chi Hae Wong joined VP Bank to head up the Philanthropy & Impact offering. Prior to working in the ban­king industry, she success­fully built and launched a fintech start-up in the mobile payment space that was later sold to a Microsoft subsidiary. With the exit, she became a London/Singapore-based Venture Capital LP and a trustee and founder of Infinitus Foundation. Céline holds a PhD in Politics and Finance and an MBA from INSEAD.