Responsibility as an employer

The efforts and enthusiasm of our employees are the foundation for the ­success of VP Bank Group. Therefore, we feel it is important for us to support our employees individually.

VP Bank recognises its responsibility as an employer ­to create modern and attractive working conditions. Each person’s ability to perform depends as much on motivation and health as the work environment. VP Bank seeks to attract and retain the best talent by offering attractive career opportunities and extensive continuing education options.

Motivated and well-trained employees exhibit a service-­oriented approach, competency and openness to their clients. That requires, among other factors, a work environment in which all employees feel welcome and are encouraged. VP Bank offers them the space to develop and implement their own ideas. It motivates them to ­perform at an above-average level while offering future prospects as well as training and continuing education possibilities. By creating and securing skilled jobs, VP Bank allows people to make a living and enjoy a high quality of life. 

More information is available in the section “Employees”.


Sustainable business activity

VP Bank promotes the sustainable use of tap water and supports drinking water projects in developing ­countries. “Drink & Donate” is a non-profit association that promotes consumption of tap water over bottled water. VP Bank supports the association with a substan- tial annual contribution. 

In recent years, we have been able to hold National Future Day with success and, above all, with great ­pleasure. Children and young people have gained an exclusive insight into the activities of various professions. To protect everyone involved, we decided not to hold National Future Day 2020 due to the coronavirus situation. Protecting the health of children and all employees is a top priority for VP Bank. In taking this step, we have followed the recommendation of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association as well as the two other major banks in the country.

In Liechtenstein, the VP Bank Sport Club was founded in 1974 to encourage employees to participate in sports and socialising. The club organises numerous activities that are available either free of charge or at significantly discounted prices. These activities include spinning, Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, tennis, Nordic walking, bowling, golf, mini-golf, ping pong, soccer tournaments, ­hiking, Pilates, self-defence courses and sport weekends. 

Much information is available on VP Bank’s intranet on the topics “Fit in the Workplace”, “Promoting Health through Movement” and “Healthy Eating”. Stress checks and ergonomic tips for desk jobs with computers as well as accident prevention are among the topics. Employees receive rebates on the purchase of skis and snowboards and other outdoor gear, as well as discounts on massages, fitness centres, chiropractic treatment, dance lessons and eyeglasses for the workplace. VP Bank in Liechtenstein also offers its employees the opportunity to get a massage during the workday. The massages are specifically designed to address employee needs and problems in the office. 

Volunteering Day, which was introduced in late 2015, continues to generate considerable interest. Since it was introduced, more than 130 employees have performed charitable work in the social, educational or ecological/environ­mental fields. The Bank gives each employee one day per year to participate in the charitable work. The feedback from both the participating employees as well as the ­institutions on the receiving end of this volunteer work has been overwhelmingly positive. 

VP Bank supports the “Villa Wirbelwind“ project in Liechtenstein, a children’s day care centre jointly operated by Liechtenstein banks. The Villa Wirbelwind nursery provides high-quality, professional childcare, thereby creating ­optimal conditions for reconciling family and work life. At Villa Wirbelwind, children between the ages of four months and the start of kindergarten whose parents are employees of member banks and the Liechtenstein Banking Association may attend the day-care centre, regardless of their hometown.


Diversity at VP Bank

Diversity and equal opportunity create a solid foundation for the development of closer relations between VP Bank, its employees and its external stakeholders. VP Bank affirms diversity at every employee and management level. Such diversity at the company ensures that the ­decision-makers are put in a position where they engage in constructive questioning and are more open to innovative ideas. 

Employees and managers are hired strictly on the basis of their qualifications without regard for age, gender, ­sexual orientation or nationality. VP Bank offers all employees equal opportunities for employment and promotions. The assessment of an employee’s work performance is carried out in a fair, objective and transparent manner. 

Whenever possible, employees with long-term illnesses are reintegrated into the work flow with professional ­support.


Diversity at VP Bank – relative number of women and men in management 


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As of 31.12.2020, VP Bank had 39.4 per cent female employees (2019: 40.5 per cent).