We maintain continuous contact with our stakeholder groups and keep them informed of VP Bank’s performance and activities in the sustainability area. This is how we ensure transparency and build trust.

VP Bank’s stakeholders include all organisations and ­persons that interact with the company on financial, legal, ­operational and technical matters. VP Bank’s main ­stakeholder groups are classified into six groups:

Each stakeholder group has different demands; it is therefore even more important to learn and understand their motivations. To that end, VP Bank strives to maintain an ongoing dialogue and integrate the lessons learned and experiences in its activities. Through these exchanges, we can recognise trends at an early stage while furthering our corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

We communicate with our stakeholders in a targeted ­manner and through various platforms. They include:

Regulatory authorities

Trade organisation work and participation in interest groups


Client discussions and feedback management

Client events

Board of Directors, Group Executive Management and employees

Employee discussions

In-house events

In-house magazine

Shareholders, investors and analysts

Investor meetings, roadshows and investor’s day

Sector-specific information sharing

Media and the general public

Press conferences

Thematic conferences

Trade shows

PR work on investment, market and company subjects

Suppliers and partners

Cooperation with schools, institutes of higher learning and universities as well as sustainable suppliers and consultants


Dialogue with rating agencies

VP Bank maintains regular contact with rating agency ­analysts and informs them continuously as regards business developments in order to ensure the most accurate assessment possible.

The relative share of investors taking sustainability issues into account in investment decisions is growing steadily. The success of financial products also depends on the extent to which the demands of sustainable investors are met. In recent years, therefore, the dialogue with sustain­ability ratings agencies has intensified. 



As a member of numerous federations and associations, VP Bank fosters a dialogue with business and society. The type of collaboration is tailored to suit particular needs and objectives.

The dialogue with clients, media and investors is carried out on either a scheduled or as-needed basis. The relevant departments and teams, for example Legal & Compliance, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Human Resources Management, Investment Solutions, the CIO office and IT, are responsible for maintaining this inter­action. 

These memberships involve important business and industry federations such as the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, the Liechtenstein Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Swiss Bankers Association. 

Other memberships, such as those in the International ­Capital Market Association, the Occupational Health ­Managers Forum and the Swiss Investor Relations Association, are excellent venues for the transfer of know-how. 

Memberships in the Swiss Business Council for Sustainable Development (Öbu), the Liechtenstein Society for Environmental Protection and Swiss Sustainable Finance serve as a means of sharing best practices in the area of sustainability.

In addition, VP Bank follows the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Since 2016, VP Bank has been one of the signatory companies and has thus ­committed itself to consistent compliance with the UNGC principles of responsible business conduct. VP Bank’s ­progress reports (UN Global Compact Communication on Progress – COP) are available on the UN Global Compact website as well as on the VP Bank website under