Brand strategy

Our brand strategy has clear goals: distinctive positioning and a strong, confident presence. We achieve this with our distinctive visual presence and with the content we transport each day.

For the renewal of the brand strategy we build on the existing VP Bank vision: “We inspire with our unique client experiences – this is why our clients recommend us.” Another important component of our brand positioning is the mission statement as set out by our Board of Directors. It defines what VP Bank stands for and what makes us who we are.

With the staff to the success drivers

Based on the vision and the mission statement we have sharpened the brand strategy and identified specific performance characteristics with the help of over eighty staff. We call the result “success drivers” – a collection of factors that shows how unique we are as the VP Bank brand and which underpins our successful relationship with our clients. These success drivers have a significant impact on our corporate strategy and are integrated into our future strategic actions.

From success drivers to the brand story, right through to the messages

The identification of success drivers was followed by the preparation of a brand story. This is effectively conveyed in a brand video which expresses all the messages we wish to convey.

In addition to our brand story we have also created seven brand messages which constitute our performance promise:

  • Committed and personal

    As a committed advisor we maintain a close personal relationship with our clients and accompany them loyally over many years.
  • Customised and capable

    We listen carefully to our clients, understand their true needs and propose customised solutions for their individual needs.
  • Open and partner-based

    For demanding tasks we work openly and jointly with our clients to find the right solution.
  • Quick and efficient

    We strive to ensure that all matters are handled quickly and efficiently. The more complex the banking issues, the better we are.
  • Foresighted and secure

    We have a long-term vision, work responsibly and o+er our clients a maximum amount of reliability and security.
  • Local and global

    We combine regional roots with a targeted international presence. In this way our clients gain unique opportunities to develop their net worth.
  • Motivating and meaningful

    We advance our clients’ interests appreciably and always create meaningful outcomes.