It takes superior experience
to master the complexity of
the intermediaries business

VP Bank's roots are in the business with intermediaries. The founder, Guido Feger, was one of the most success­ful entrepreneurs and trustees in Liechtenstein. Today, the business of trustees and lawyers remains one of the Bank's most important customer groups. A team of specialists with many years of experience takes care of the complex and demanding tasks in this business segment.

Tiziana Wolfinger provides insight into the special demands and requirements for supporting inter­mediaries and explains how it is possible to meet the high standards and distinct needs of her clients.

What are the primary challenges and specific demands when it comes to working with intermediaries?

Intermediaries are also facing growing challenges due to the increasing complexity in the banking and financial services sector, new regulatory requirements and tech­nological change. The tasks of cooperation and providing the individual support required in the intermediary business have become increasingly difficult in recent years. With constantly changing and complex market conditions, inter­mediaries need a skilled banking partner that keeps up with the times and provides support in the form of modern and professional services. Thanks to our many years of experience in working together with trustees and lawyers, we can offer comprehensive and inter­disciplinary support and assistance in all important financial matters.

It’s about understanding
customers' individual concerns and
the ability to engage in first-rate
relationship management

However, working with inter­mediaries demands not only technical expertise and professiona­lism, but above all under­standing of the individual concerns of clients and the ability to engage in first-rate relation­ship management. In regard to our intermediaries, we maintain long-standing and personal partner­ships based on trust. In close cooperation with you, we develop effective strategies and solutions that create lasting added value. At the same time, we are committed to our high quality standards and consistently strive to offer outstanding service that meets the highest expectations.

How do intermediaries benefit from the partnership with VP Bank?

Liechtenstein is an inter­nationally positioned financial centre where cross-border services are part of the core business. While many professional market participants have a good under­standing of the regulatory and reputational risks involved in cross-border activities, they count on specialised banks as important cooperation partners for ongoing compliance with all regu­lations relating to the provision of cross-border solutions and services. VP Bank Group is inter­nationally positioned with five locations worldwide in major financial centres in Europe and Asia, giving it a great deal of expertise and experience in identifying, managing and controlling legal and compliance risks. Owing to our international presence, we can directly integrate country-specific framework conditions when advising and conducting business for intermediaries and guarantee complete compliance with them.

Our intermediary clients can
benefit from the combination of
top-notch professional solutions
and intensive individual support.

What makes our support special is that VP Bank is large enough to be able to provide all the crucial services in unrival­led quality but still small enough to maintain very personal contact with inter­mediaries and private clients. Our intermediary clients can directly benefit from this combination of top-notch professional solutions and intensive individual support. We strive to bring dedication and commit­ment to our work and thus contribute added value to clients through ideas and an active approach.

What specific services does VP Bank offer to intermediaries?

VP Bank provides a range of services and solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of intermediaries.

For example, our key account management allows us to pursue our own distinct and comprehensive advisory approach for intermediaries. An Active Advisory team also makes it possible for us to work with our experienced invest­ment specialists to proactively develop and provide short- and medium-term investment recommendations.


Our ProLink information platform is specifically geared to the needs of inter­mediaries. This online tool enables our inter­mediary clients to access a large amount of information on what is happening in the market, along with a great pool of knowledge relating to taxes and other legal issues. On this platform, our experts regularly assemble material on complex topics such as current regulatory provisions in a comprehensible manner and provide timely information on changes. Intermediaries can also participate in monthly market update calls, which make it possible to engage in exclusive dialogue with experts from VP Bank. We seek to simplify and facilitate the daily business of inter­mediaries, and we continuously invest in the digitalisation of our core processes to make this possible. In future, the client will be able to contact us at any time and any place and promptly make use of our solutions and services.

We seek to simplify and
facilitate the daily business
of intermediaries.

What are the plans for the future?

For more than 60 years, VP Bank has been a top-notch banking partner for discerning interme­diaries and their clients. Our founder, Guido Feger, was one of the most success­ful trustees in Liechtenstein. We remain firmly committed to these roots and the traditions and values associated with them. In its future work with professional financial services providers, VP Bank will continue to build on its many years of experience and its sound capabilities. In the context of the implementation of our Strategy 2026, we will continue to develop and enhance our offer for intermediaries in a targeted manner.

Tiziana Wolfinger

Tiziana Wolfinger

Head of Client Advisory Assistance Team for Trustees & Lawyers

She found her passion for finance and the intermediary business while she was still in training to become a com­mercial employee in a Vaduz trust office. For more than six years, this congenial native of Liechtenstein has been wor­king as an Assistant in the Trustees & Lawyers team of VP Bank; today she heads the Client Advisory Assistance team for intermediaries. With many years of experience, passion and expertise, she is committed to providing the Bank’s intermediary clients with service that is even bet­ter and more tailored to client needs.